Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer – Associate Exam AI-100

A Brief About Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer – Associate Exam AI-100

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no more a buzzword in the tech world; rather IT companies across the globe are now putting effort into AI as the paradigm of next-generation computing depends mostly on this aspect. AI – 100 is an associate-level certification from Microsoft, which recognizes the capacity of an individual to work with subject matters of AI like machine learning, NLP (Natural Language Processing), cognitive services, speech and face recognition, knowledge mining and so on. AI – 100 certified professionals are considered qualified IT professionals to work with the Azure AI portfolio. In order to become a Microsoft certified Azure AI professional, you have to appear for the exam ‘AI-100: Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution’ and after successful completion, you will earn Azure AI Engineer Associate certification.

Skills Measure By AI – 100 Certification

The course curriculum of AI – 100 is designed to deliver the skill-set required for AI-based applications and operations used in IT business process management. Content of AI – 100 courses is segmented into three different sub-topics, which are:

·       Analyze The Requirement Of The Solution

(Weight: 25% to 30%)

Topics covered:

                           I.          Be familiar with the cognitive services of the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

                         II.          Measure the security protocols of the applications, data and processes.

                        III.          Be able to recommend the appropriate applications, storage mechanisms and the services.

                       IV.          Finding the requirements for automation.

·       Design And Develop The Solution For AI

(Weight: 40% to 45%)

Topics Covered:

                            I.          Develop a plan for the solution, which incorporate one or more pipelines.

                           II.          Develop a plan for the solution using cognitive solution.

                         III.          Develop a plan for the solution by implementing the BOT Framework.

                         IV.          Develop a computer based platform in order to assist the solution.

                          V.          Be able to create an appropriate plan for compliance, security, data governance and integrity.

·       Deploy And Monitor The Solutions For AI

(Weight: 25% to 30%)

Topics Covered:

                            I.          Deploy an AI based workflow.

                           II.          Incorporate AI based applications and services.

                         III.          Deploy and monitor the processes for the AI based applications.

Learning Path For AI – 100 Certifications:

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Exam Details

·       Name of the exam: Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution

·       Exam code: AI – 100

·       Total number of questions: 62

·       Total duration of the exam: Three hours and forty minutes

·       Total marks of the exam: 1000

·       Passing score: 700

·       Cost of the exam: £130

Job Roles for AI – 100 certified professional

Usually, AI – 100 certified professionals are working for the posts/positions, mentioned below:

·       AI Engineer

·       Machine Learning Engineer

·       Senior Software Engineer (Applied Machine Learning)

·       Senior Data Analytics

·       Business Intelligence Engineer

·       Senior Software Engineer (Data Engineering)

·       AI Developer

·       Data Scientist

·       Deep Learning Engineer

Average Salary of AI – 100 Certified Professional

On an average, AI Engineer and/or AI – 100 certified professionals are getting paid around £96,132 per annum

Getting Prepared for AI – 100 Exam

Microsoft Learning Platform and Microsoft Docs are two official resource platforms for the candidate of AI – 100 certification exam. Plenty of resources are available here, in these two platforms from where the candidates can find and go through their required resource, in order to ensure a good preparation for the exam. You may also find instructor led training, offered by colleges and universities under the school of ‘Professional Development’. There are many online study groups, from where you can find reference books and resources for AI – 100 certification exams. You may also fine tune your preparation through practice tests for the exam, which are available at different online learning portals.