CompTIA A+ Certification

CompTIA A+ Certification
Competencies of CompTIA A+ certification for an entry-level IT Technician

CompTIA A+ certifications certify the set of skills and knowledge, required for an entry-level IT Technician which includes repairing and assembling a computer, installing and configuring system software and application software, maintaining and troubleshooting computer networks, ensuring the safety and security of data, having required knowledge of cloud computing and so on. It is also expected that CompTIA A+ certified individuals possess effective communication skills in order to provide assistance to both technical and non-technical individuals.

 Individuals, who are new to starting their career as IT professionals, may consider CompTIA A+ certification as an appropriate starting point both for their career and learning process. The followings are some key reasons to consider CompTIA A+ certifications as an effective starting for new IT professionals:

  • There is no prerequisite for CompTIA A+ certifications.
  • This certification confirms that the individual has enough potential to work as an IT technician.
  • CompTIA A+ is a globally accepted certification program for entry-level IT Technician professionals.
  • Different and diversified entry-level IT jobs require CompTIA A+ certification.
  • CompTIA  A+ certification is a pathway for other globally recognized vendor certification exams, offered by Microsoft, HP, Cisco, IBM and Novell.

A significant number of online learning portals are available with adequate resources to get prepared for the CompTIA A+ certification exam.

CompTIA A+ certification skill measures
  • Having basic knowledge about computer hardware, software, data security/privacy and computer networking.
  • Be able to identify peripheral devices of a computer and network devices.
  • Familiar with the uses of different types of data storage and backup media.
  • Capable of identifying and troubleshooting the types of computer motherboards.
  • Ensure the safety and security of data stored on the computer.
  • Possess effective communication skills with colleagues and clients.
  • Be able to install and configure different operating systems like Windows, Linux, Apple OS X, etc.
  • Be able to assemble a computer and install the input-output devices like keyboard, printer, scanner, mouse and so on.
  • Have adequate knowledge and experience in troubleshooting computer and networking devices.
Details about CompTIA A+ Certification exams

 In order to become a CompTIA A+ certified professional, you must appear for two exams and pass successfully. Those exams are:

  • Core 1 (exam code: 220-1101).
  • Core 2 (exam code: 220-1102).
  • There will be performance-based, multiple-choice and drag and drop questions, you have to answer.
  • The duration of each exam is 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • You have to answer a maximum of 90 questions for each exam.
  • You have to pay £155 for the CompTIA A+ certification exam.
  • Each exam carries 900 marks. You have to score 675 out of 900 to pass CompTIA A+ Essentials and 700 out of 900 for CompTIA A+ Practical Application Exam.
  • The CompTIA A+ certification will remain valid for three years, once you pass the exam.
  • There is no particular prerequisite for the CompTIA A+ certification exam, except you have a good preparation for the exam to score the pass mark.
Training courses for CompTIA A+ certification

 You will find a number of online portals with the required learning resources to get prepared for the CompTIA A+ certification exam.

Job opportunities for CompTIA A+ certified professionals
  • Help desk technicians.
  • Computer system support technicians.
  • IT Security Specialists.
  • IT support technicians.
  • Database administrator.
  • Network administrator.
CompTIA A+ related certifications

There are some other certification programs, which are not exactly the same but similar in comparison to CompTIA A+ related certifications. Some of such certifications are:

  • Cisco CCNA certification.
  • CompTIA Network+ certification.
  • Microsoft MCTS certifications.
  • CompTIA Security+ certification.
Salary structure of CompTIA A+ certified professionals
CompTIA A+ certified professionals£44,350
CompTIA Server +£47,355
CompTIA Network+£47,355
CompTIA Project+£50,363
CompTIA Linux+£52,618
CompTIA Security+£54,120
CompTIA CTT+£55,625
CompTIA Cloud+£55,625
CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)£63,140