Information Technology (IT) Manager

Information Technology (IT) Manager
Job Competency of an Information Technology (IT) Manager

One of the key responsibilities of an Information Technology (IT) Manager is to ensure the effective and efficient operations of the department to meet the primary goals of the business. IT Managers are also responsible for developing and integrating new technology in collaboration with the head of the other departments and senior executives. Another key responsibility of an IT Manager is to create, deploy and manage the IT policy of the organisation, as well.

The demand of IT Managers in the IT industry across the world is rapidly increasing due to the growth of the sector and the inclusion of newer technologies like cloud computing, virtualisations, data storage, data science and so on.

Job Responsibilities of an Information Technology (IT) Manager

 Usually, IT Managers are responsible for different and diversified job responsibilities. Some common responsibilities of IT Managers are listed below:

  •  IT Managers are responsible for developing strategic planning, utilization of resources and allocating required funds for implementation purposes.
  • Direct all kinds of IT operations of the business and allocate the required resources for that purpose.
  • Plan the budget and monitor the procurement procedure required for the IT department of the business.
  • Supervise the hiring process of IT staff and schedule professional development and training, as well.
  • Work in collaboration with the head of other departments, as per their IT related support and services.
  • Research in a continuous manner to keep the IT infrastructure of the business updated and adequately functional.
  • Decide where and when to outsource any IT project and negotiate with the vendors to deal with any contracts regarding any IT related services.
  • Have strong communication and leadership skills to be able to work effectively and efficiently with the team members of the IT department.
  • Must have enough experience to manage the fund and resources to implement IT-related projects.
Academic Qualification Required for an Information Technology (IT) Manager

 IT Managers must possess an undergraduate degree in IT or relevant fields like Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Management of Information System and so on. A certain level of technical experience is also required for the post of an IT Manager. Though an undergraduate degree is required, a higher degree in business and management-related fields like Master’s in Business Administration would be considered as an added advantage for any candidate looking for the job of an IT Manager. Most of the MBA programs are offering capstone projects, where students have to imply their knowledge and experience on any real-time problem and purpose of such capstone projects is to measure the skill level of the students.

 A vital communication skill is a must for an IT Manager, for both verbal and non-verbal communication. He/she must also have strong leadership skill and technical experience to work with database management, IT operation management and Computer Network management skill, as well. The recent advancement of online learning portals demands an IT Manager to have adequate knowledge on the subject matter, to manage and update the learning portal, as well.

Training and Academic Programs for Information Technology (IT) Manager

 IT managers should keep their eyes and ears open to search for any new learning opportunity, including self-paced online courses and distance learning processes to enhance their knowledge and expand their career opportunity, as well.

Certification Programs
  •  Oracle Certified DBA Professional.
  • Certified Information System Security Professional.
  • CompTIA Project+ Certification.
  • Project Management Professional.
  • Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert.
  • Six Sigma Green Belt Certification.
  • Six Sigma Black belt certification.
  • ITIL Expert certification.
Job Opportunities

 The position of IT Managers has similar other posts where the job descriptions and responsibilities remain almost identical. Some of those positions are listed below:

  •  IT Project Manager
  • Vice President of IT
  • Software Development Manager
  • IT Project Manager
  • Database Manager
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Network Manager
  • Chief Technology Officer
An Outlook of The Job of an Information Technology (IT) Manager

Employment opportunity for IT Managers is increasing across the world due to the rapid expansion of the IT industry. The demand of IT managers and relevant positions is also growing in different domains of IT industries like software development, network administration, database administration, cloud computing, virtualisation, mobile application, web-based solutions and so on.

The prospects of IT Managers are getting better and better as the IT industry is expanding continuously. Candidates looking for an IT Manager position with an undergraduate degree, adequate knowledge and experience in a relevant working area with strong communication and leadership skills have a higher prospect of getting hired.

Salary Structure of An IT Manager
Infomation Technology (IT) Manager£40,088
Chief Information Officer (CIO)£100,597
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)£82,995
Chief Security Officer (CSO)£97,000
Information Technology (IT) Director£80,462
Database Manager£33,059
Network Manager£31,641