Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) certifications

Adobe Certified Expert Professional

ACE (Adobe certified Expert) certification validates the skills and expertise of IT professionals to work with one or more Adobe’s digital graphics design and communication application/software. You must move along an appropriate academic plan which includes Adobe ACE certification in order to develop your career as a creative digital designer.

ACE certifications are designed for one or more application/software specific Adobe certification exams. Adobe offers three different levels of ACE certifications, which are:

1.      ACE Product Certifications

These certifications validate the capacity of an IT professional to work effectively and efficiently with one specific Adobe Software like Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 or Adobe PhotoshopCS5 etc.

 2.      ACE Specialist Certifications

These specialist certifications recognize the ability of an individual to work with two or more Adobe applications/software like Adobe Web Specialist, Adobe Design Specialist and so on.

3.      ACE Master Certifications

This is the top level certification offered by Adobe and this certification validates the skill and experience of an individual to work with entire Adobe Product Sets like CS5 Design Master or CS6 Video Master etc.

List of Adobe Single Product Certifications

Followings are the list of Adobe Single Product Certifications:

  •  ACE, Photoshop
  • ACE, Illustrator
  • ACE, InDesign
  • ACE, Flash
  • ACE, Dreamweaver
  • ACE, Acrobat Pro
  • ACE, After Effects
  • ACE, ColdFusion
  • ACE, Captivate
  • ACE, Flex
  • ACE, Premier Pro
  • ACE, Frame Maker
  • ACE, RoboHelp
  • ACE, Flash
  • ACE LiveCycle  ES4 Designer
  • ACE LiveCycle ES4 Server

Specialized certifications for ACE:

Followings are the list of specialized ACE Certifications:

  • ACE, Design Specialist
  • ACE, Video Specialist
  • ACE, E-Learning Suit Specialist
  • ACE, Web Specialist
  • ACE, technical Communications Specialist
  • ACE, Rich internet Application Specialist

In order to become an ACE specialist, you must pass all require (R) exams along with one elective (E) exam within the track of the subject matter of the certification, which is given below:

 Design SpecialistWeb SpecialistVideo SpecialistRich Internet Application SpecialistTechnical Communications SpecialisteLearning Suite Specialist
Adobe PhotoshopEERE E
Adobe InDesignR     
Adobe Dreamweaver R E E
Adobe IllustratorEE E  
Adobe AcrobatR   E 
Adobe Premier Pro  R   
Adobe After Effects  E   
Adobe ColdFusion E E  
Adobe Flash RER  
Adobe Flex E R  
Adobe FrameMakerE   R 
Adobe RoboHelp    R 
Adobe Captivate    ER
Adobe Captivate with eLS extensions     R

List of Application Software for ACE Master Certifications

In order to become an Adobe Certified Expert Master, you need to pass the exam for the entire suite for that particular application software. All the products of the same suite must also have the same version, as well. For example, the entire exam should be the CC version or CS6 version, which is a key requirement for ACE master certification.

Followings are the list of some such application software under the same suite of Adobe products:

a)      CS Design Master

  • ACE, Photoshop
  • ACE, InDesign
  • ACE, Illustrator
  • ACE, Acrobat professional

b)      CS Webmaster

  • ACE, Photoshop
  • ACE, InDesign
  • ACE, Illustrator
  • ACE, Acrobat professional
  • ACE, Flash
  • ACE, Dreamweaver

c)      CS Video Master

  • ACE, Photoshop
  • ACE, Illustrator
  • ACE, Flash
  • ACE, Premier
  • ACE, After Effects

Training and Certifications on Graphic Design

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