Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Artificial intelligence (AI) Specialists profoundly impact the digital economy. They have a significant impact on how we conduct business and end up making critical choices. It both disrupts and creates new business designs and industries. AI competencies will continue to improve and develop solutions for various issues and hurdles as algorithms, computing power, and the accessibility of massive data improve. AI has been recognised as one of the core technologies and will be critical in trying to grow the digital economy.

The Specialist Artificial Intelligence equip you with a solid foundation in AI constructs and technical knowledge in architecting and developing end-to-end AI solutions. In addition, you will obtain hands-on experience utilising industry standard tools and methodologies and applying them to real-world troubles as part of the course.

Artificial intelligence is a game-changing technology related to the capacity of digital virtualisation devices to accomplish functions usually associated with intelligent creatures. This module will provide you with a comprehensive view of the AI landscape, from its humble beginnings to today’s cutting-edge devices and services. You will be presented with historically significant AI systems and their underlying concepts. You will be able to investigate various classical and modern AI techniques and the three key ingredients that power modern AI – big data, big, calculate, and complex algorithms. You will also explore AI technologies’ ethical and legal implications and the fantastic prospect trends. You can keep pursuing this course, becoming an AI Specialist regardless of your academic background, if you meet the following prerequisites:

  • Math and computer science are vital points.
  • Excellent command of programming languages.
  • Analytical abilities.
  • Understanding of complex algorithms.
  • Fundamental statistical and modelling knowledge is required.

Job opportunities for Artificial Intelligence Specialists: 

This course’s skills and knowledge configurations will prepare you for careers in AI-related jobs across various industries.

  • Engineer in Machine Learning
  • Scientist of Data
  • Scientists conducting research.
  • Developer of Business Intelligence
  • Engineer / Architect for Big Data