Chief Technological Officer (CTO)

What is CTO?

CTO (Chief Technological Officer) is now being considered as a management-level position in the IT companies. IT companies and other businesses around the world are now following this type of company organigram where they are following the positions like CEO (Chief Executing Officer), COO (Chief Operating Officer), CTO (Chief Technological Officer), CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and so on. Usually, the CTO of a company is responsible for taking care of almost every technical issue including some relevant managerial issues, as well. CTO’s are playing a key role to keep the IT infrastructure of the business effective and updated. It is important to note that the CTO’s are also responsible for looking after the entire development process of any product. From the perspective of a managerial level position, CTO’s are also required to deal with some managerial issues that are related to the technical aspects of the company.

Common tasks of a CTO

An expert and experienced CTO must have excellent interpersonal communication skills to implement the mid-level and lower-level managerial decisions. CTO is a core technology-oriented position, hence it is a must for any CTO to have profound knowledge and adequate experience of executing the regular tasks of a CTO. CTO’s are also responsible to keep the operation of the company going smoothly. CTO’s need to have an innovative mind and keep their eyes open to incorporate advanced tools and technology into the business process of the organization. CTO’s should play a dynamic role to enhance and optimize the business process and reduce the expense of the organization, as well.

Job Description of a CTO

From the perspective of a managerial level position, job descriptions of CTO’s are different and diversified, which may also vary from company to company. Though there is some generic job description which is the same for almost every CTO, some specific job description of CTO’s are mentioned below:

  • Work in collaboration with their team along with other departments to deploy new tools and technologies
  • Researches to enhance the technological asset of a company
  • Develop an effective budget for the IT infrastructure of the organization without making any unnecessary expense
  • Secure the transmission of data through an advanced computer network
  • Design, develop and deploy an effective method for internal communication purpose
  • Develop an effective policy to use the Internet, for the employees
  • Properly evaluate the new technology and make a recommendation whether that technology will be a good fit for the organization or not
  • Utilizes the technological assets to develop the communication between the employee and the client
  • Manage and monitor any kind of Digital Media assets
  • Providing report regarding the overall condition of the business to the executive officer


CTO is a higher-level position at every company and the pay scale is also good. The salary structure of CTO’s varies from company to company, based on some factors like the size of the company, the type of the business, the geographic location, and so on. On average, the annual earning of a CTO is £176,798.