Computer Programmer

Computer Programmer

Computer programmers are those who write the codes to develop computer applications, system software, application software and embedded software. Computer programmers start their work with a real-life problem and start working on that problem in order to find a computer-based solution. In one word, computer programmers turn computer systems and application work.

Usually successful computer programmers have a strong grip on several programming languages. Different programming languages come with a specific set of purpose, capacity and limitation to solve real world programs. Sometimes, it is required for Computer Programmers to work with multiple programming languages to solve the problem or develop an application or software. For example, one of the most popular social media network platforms Facebook has built its front end by using multiple programming languages like JavaScript, XHP, PHP and CSS. The backend of Facebook is developed by using Java, C, Python and C++ programming languages. Erlang is another programming language which is used for developing Facebook chat programs. Java and objective-C is used for Android and iPhone apps of facebook, as well.

In today’s IT industry, Java, Objective-C, Python, C++, PHP, C#, Ruby, JavaScript, ASP.Net, CSS and HTML are considered as the building blocks of the World Wide Web and IT industry. These programming languages are indispensable and are in high demand of today’s global IT industry.

Universities and colleges are incorporating most of these programming languages in their Bachelor’s degree curriculum, which meets the academic requirement of the Computer Programmer. Computer Programmers are serving the IT industry at different job roles like Application programmer, Software Programmer, Coder, System Developer, Program Analyst and so on.

Responsibilities of a Computer Programmer

Duties and responsibilities of a Computer Programmer may vary from project to project. Still, there are some generic responsibilities which are common for almost every Computer Programmer; some of those are given below:

·   Using different programming languages like C, C++, C#, Java, Python, Perl and many more to write code.

·   Configure, fine-tune and increase the capacity and performance of an existing application.

·   Computer Programmers may need to work in a team in order to design, develop and deploy complex business applications and computer systems.

·   Computer Programmers must be familiar with proper debugging process in order to find and fix the error of the program.

·   Learn to use library functions, available with the programming package to foster the development process.

·   An expert and experienced programmer must learn to insert comments into their codes so that the other members of the team can easily get the meaning and purpose of that code.

·   Computer Programmers are required to work in collaboration with software developers, system engineers and application architects in order to develop state of the art applications.

·   Computer Programmers should have database development skills like Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL in order to develop data driven applications.

Average Salary of Computer Programmers

Computer Programmers are used to work at different job roles, depending which their salary varies. From a generic point of view, a Computer Programmer is getting paid around £56,637, per annum. There are some other job positions and the average salary for those job roles are given below:

  • Computer Programmer: £56,637
  • Application Programmer: £58,189
  • PHP Programmer: £81,000
  • Programmer Analyst: £62,844
  • SQL Programmer: £65,171
  • VB .Net Programmer: £68,275
  • SharePoint Programmer: £69,051
  • Web Developer: £90,000
  • Software Developer: £69,826
  • User Interface (UI) Programmer: £73,154
  • Java Developer: £72,930
  • C++ Programmer: £72,930
  • Coldfusion Programmer: £72,930
  • Python Programmer: £72,930
  • Perl Programmer: £72,930
  • Oracle Programmer: £76,033
  • Websphere Programmer: £76,033
  • Lead Programmer: £77,585
  • J2EE Programmer: £79,137
  • Lead Java Developer: £83,792
  • Programmer Analyst Lead: £120,257

Academic requirement of a Computer Programmer

An excellent grip on multiple programming languages will help a Computer Programmer to secure his/her job. In the recruitment process, it is a common trend that the hiring managers will seek for a rich portfolio and sample work along with appreciating feedback from the clients, while hiring a Computer Programmer. A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science could be a good fit for the newcomers who are willing to start their career as a Programming Language. Specialized certification in Computer Science, Computer Programming, Web Development, Database Designer and/or similar field of study may help the IT individuals to start their career as a Computer Programmer.

Along with the education program, hiring managers are looking forward for commercial skills that the Computer Programmers must have and some such skills include excellent working experience and knowledge on high level programming language like Java, C, C++, C#, Python, Ruby, Objective-C, PHP, Perl and so on. Computer programmers must also have a clear understanding about design and analysis of Computer System, Database Management System, Low-level Programming Languages, Machine Languages and so on. Apart from an excellent programming skill, an experienced and professional Computer Programmer must also have soft skills like excellent verbal and written communication, proper documentation in their code, etc.

In the arena of Computer Programming, there is no last word for learning no matter whether it comes with computer programming, website designing and developing, database designing, computer networking and so on. Computer programmers have the freedom to choose the learning style which fits best for them. For example, they can go for either on campus learning or for computer based online training, as well.

Training and Certification

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