Salesforce Developer Certification

Salesforce Developer Certification

Salesforce Developer Certification

Salesforce Developer Certification is a certification that verifies that a professional has the skills and knowledge required to design custom applications and analytics functions on top of the Salesforce platform features. There are currently three types of certification for Salesforce developers: Platform App Builder, Developer I, and Developer II. These certifications demonstrate the professional ability to build specific data models, identify business logic, design user interfaces, and ensure security for customized applications. Developers can also personalize sales and revenue forecasts and create and maintain more successful business workflows.


This path is intended for Salesforce Certified Administrator Certification Professionals or equivalent experience. The learner does not have to know to code.

What will you learn?

  • Learn to understand and analyze business processes, such as sales and account management
  • Developing CRM workflows
  • Maintaining user roles and security
  • Producing design documents and technical plans
  • Conducting informational workshops for other teams
  • Collaborating with other engineers and developers
  • Salesforce developer certification platform


Salesforce Certified Platform Developer 1

This certification is more technical and will test your potential to design custom applications on the Force platform. Those intending to complete this certification should have the experience to use Apex and Visualforce and be fully aware of all aspects of the development and testing process.

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer 2

Salesforce Platform Developer 2 certification is designed for advanced Force programmers capable of developing sophisticated business applications. Suffice to say, the prerequisite for this advanced course is Salesforce Platform Developer I certification. Given the complexity of the certification, the testing process consists of two elements: a multi-choice and Trailhead Superbadges.

Superbadges tests the ability to practically implement what you have learned and apply it to advanced, real-life business scenarios. While your depth of knowledge may be high, it is only when you actively demonstrate this knowledge by completing four Trailhead Superbadges that you will be eligible for certification.

Trailhead Superbadges

  1. Apex Specialist – Test your Apex coding skills with four modules including Apex triggers, Asynchronous Apex, Apex integration, and Apex testing.
  2. Data Integration Specialist – This Superbadge will test your ability to synchronise Salesforce with external platforms and systems to the test.
  3. Lightning Component Framework Specialist – In this Superbadge, you will be asked to show off your Apex and Lightning prowess by developing a custom application.

After completing the above three super badges, you will unlock:

4. Advanced Apex Specialist – As the name implies, this Superbadge will put your understanding of Apex and Visualforce more complex elements to the test, with a focus on proving your skills and understanding with technical business applications.

This seems hectic and complex but do not worry because the exam is all based on multiple-choice questions.

Cost of this course

The cost of this certification is $200. However, you can also take a retest by paying $100.